MAGISA is a well-known factory in the south of Italy which produces quarries machines fit for limestone, sandstone, tufa, Vulcanic and Calcareous stoneblocks cutting.

Thanks to the exact cut, the stoneblocks are immediately ready to be used in costruction industry.

MAGISA machines are very reliable because of the traditional craft joint to the precision of the modern controlled machines.
We hare been producing these items for 40 years, so our experience in this field the costumers’ requests and cooperation and our continuous plant modernization brougt us design PATENT AND COSTUMERS’ EXTIMATION.

The reliability of our products is also due to the high quality materials and parts wic choose: all of them are produced by firms as Var-Spe, Bonfiglioli, Motovario, Oil Control, Regina, Skf, ect. Which hare affiliates all over the world, so any costumer can easily find spare parts whenever he needs.

That’s a great time and money saving.
We produce a wide range of model: from 20 to 180 Hp with different cut depths.

Any worker can easily handle our machines getting high efficiency from them. We are also able to satisfy our costumers’ particular request because we can PERSONALIZE our machines.
All Magisa-machines come up to the EEC directives.

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Magisa ® - Macchine Cavatufo e Cavapietra - 72017 - Ostuni (BR) Italy  -  Zona industriale - tel.  0039 / 0831 304559  - fax. 0039 - 0831 330294
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