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Proper to contemporarily cut both in horizontal sense that vertical with a speed of cut from 0 ÷ 25 m/min.
Unlike the model MTOV the vertical cut is predisposed to the left for the assemblage of the disk. Solution that allows to use the machine for the only Vertical tracings (in case of lack of the model MTV.)
Slide on binary type T 70 / U 80
Total power Kw52
Depth of Vertical max420mm.
Depth of Horizontal cut max250mm
Vertical disk f 1150mm.
Horizontal disk f 650mm.
Recommended generator KVA 100

Electric motors

  • Vertical cut kw 30
    Type IP 55 Class F ŋ 0, 87÷ 0,92V 380 50 Hz B3
  • Horizontal cut Kw 18,5
    Type IP 55 Class F ŋ 0, 87÷ 0,92V 38050 Hz B3
  • Advancement Kw2
    Type IP 55 Class F ŋ 0, 80÷ 0,92V 380 50 Hz B5
  • I install hydraulic Kw 1,5
    Type IP 55 Class F ŋ 0, 80÷ 0,92V 380 50 Hz B5

Electric picture

With commands of driving to low tension as foreseen by the law
Opportunely proportionate and pulsating of march / single arrest for every motor.


The machine is provided of electric devices of block that make her/it sure and of acoustic and bright device that warns that the cars it is in movement. And' provided of protections on all the mechanical organs in movement and protection on the disks up to maximally possible.

I install hydraulic

Pomp to gears. distributor to3 elements
Brought 10 litri/1’
Pressure 100 ÷ 150 bar
Ability reservoir 50Lt.


Hydraulic to varying course
independent operated through lever
inversion of march with point of madman
speed max. 50 @m/min. 4 to empty
4 wheels engines


It structures in steel on purpose studied for a' tall resistance, elettrosaldato. Articulation vertical cut, to hydraulic command through hydraulic martinetto to double effect; Translation cart for Horizontal loom through martinetto to double effect And it flows on pads and adjustable guides to annul the game of usury. Driving Horizontal cut through hydraulic martinetto to double effect integrated in a system of levers.

Measure and Mass  

Width___1800_______mm. ~
Lenght___2600_______mm. ~
Height______1800_______mm. ~
Weigth________2700_______Kg. ~

Gives technical and characteristics can suffer variations


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